Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma

The list when comparing Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma is very impressive. Summitt is the retired coach of The Tennessee  Lady Volunteers and Auriemma is the current head coach of The University of Connecticut Lady Huskies basketball team. In Summitt’s 38 years of coaching she has an outstanding record, 1098 wins and 208 losses. 8 NCAA titles, 16 SEC titles, 8 SEC coach of the year, 7 NCAA coach of the year award and just one undefeated. The one undefeated season is hard to imagine with so many wins. In comparison Mr. Auriemma’s record is more impressive since he accomplished his in a shorter time. Coaching for 28 years with a record of 839 wins to 133 losses. Both coaches are tied with 8 NCAA titles. He also has 19 Big East titles, 6 Naismith Coach of the year, 3 NCAA Coach of the years, 4 Big Eat Coach of the year, and 7 AP Coach of the year awards. He also has 4 undefeated seasons. Both coaches started coaching at different times in womens basketball. Summitt started in 1974 before womens basketball became an NCAA sport, where as Auriemma started in 1985 years after it became an official sport. When comparing these two great coaches, their records, speak for themselves and it will be hard for any other coach in women’s basketball to ever measure up to these wonderful coaches.


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